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Unicamp Financial Market Group

Who we are

Unicamp's Financial Market Group was founded in 2012 by undergraduate students and aims to be the bridge between the financial market and Unicamp students. For this, we offer courses, lectures, visits to partner institutions and encourage challenges, in order to provide a theoretical and practical experience of the financial market. So that our participants reach the financial market in general better prepared. 

The courses offered by the GMF range from initial subjects, such as the initial presentation on the different types of investments, to more advanced knowledge, such as the sophisticated derivatives market.

In partnership with the Postgraduate Extension of the Institute of Economics at Unicamp, since 2014 students have received a diploma endorsed by Unicamp, confirming the tradition and quality of our courses.

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Act as a bridge between Unicamp and the financial market, in addition to promoting a development environment for all people inside and outside the university through our courses, training and events.

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 Juliano Bracalente

I participated in GMF Unicamp for three years. From its uncertain beginnings, I saw it grow to become one of Unicamp's largest student institutions and a reference in the country in terms of financial market leagues.

In this journey, I learned the fundamentals of finance that, at first, guaranteed me my first job at Morgan Stanley in São Paulo, but that, years later, led me to the international career that I have today at Kraft Heinz.

Co-founder and former president of GMF Unicamp
Kraft Heinz Company
Associate Manager


Lara S. Oliveira

At the time, the Group was still small and we sought to participate in all events in São Paulo for publicity and recruitment. We woke up at 5 am, took 3 to 4 different types of transport to get there and even returned to Campinas on the same day for classes and tests at night.

Those who wanted to participate were very dedicated and I think that was the difference. All the students who were there in the administration took everything very seriously and that's why we got where we are.

Former President of GMF Unicamp
brookfield brazil
M&A Associate

gui de sá.jpg

Guilherme Sa

As a student of Eng. Mechatronics at Unicamp my contact with the financial market was non-existent until the moment I met GMF in the second half of my graduation.  

The experience in the group made a very important contribution to my academic training by filling the lack of subjects on finance in engineering courses. The knowledge acquired with the GMF was essential for the achievement of my first internships, which came to dictate the course of my professional career.

Former member of GMF Unicamp
Morgan Stanley 
Equity Derivatives Trader Vice President

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